Friday, April 4, 2014

Royal Weddings has luscious new covers!

Royal Weddings are released digitally in North America this month! The covers are just gorgeous. These are a collection of short stories about historical royal weddings. In 'Prince Charming in Disguise,' Prince George and Caroline of Ansbach are front and center in the tale of their true life courtship.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

4 stars from RT for London's Most Wanted Rake (Here April 1st)

Channing and Alina's story rounds out the series! What a winter it's been, I can't believe all 4 books are out now. Channing and Alina are old friends of a sort, but it's never been their time and that's resulted in some unresolved issues, but the bedroom isn't one of them. Now, Alina's set on catching a man who'd swindled her family and she needs Channing's help to do it--if they can manage their past.

Old favorites make nice reappearances--Jocelyn and Cassandra, Nick and Annorah, and the still single Amery DeHart are all ready to stand beside Channing on his last adventure as a Rake Who Makes Husbands Jealous.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Secrets of a Gentleman Escort Swim a thon promotion

It's that time of year when my son does his one and only fundraiser--Swim a thon at the King Aquatic Club.  To help him raise money (because we have a super small family and not much relative support in that way), I am offering signed copies of "Secrets of a Gentleman Escort" to any $10.00 or more donation to his swim a thon page, found at this link.  through the end of March 2014 or as long as supplies last.

King Aquatic is ranked as one of 11 swim clubs in the nation to earn USA Swimming's Gold Medal of Excellence and it is an amazing program, constantly turning out the top swimmers in the northwest and west coast. Swim a thon money goes to help support kids at all levels of the program through paying for relay entry fees, off setting travel expenses, and scholarships.  Rowan has definitely benefitted from the coaching and training he receives. You can read about his recent accomplishments on his fundraising page--but it's very exciting for him to see his competitive aspirations come true through hard work and excellent coaching. We feel blessed to be part of this program.

Please considering donating. You get a tax write off, a free book (I will even cover your domestic shipping) and you're helping out a great program that is creating life defining experiences for young athletes.

Thanks for your consideration,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Make Capt. Grahame Westmore your Valentine Hottie

The second story in the Rakes Who Make Husbands Jealous series is now available!
Meet Captain Grahame Westmore up close and personal as he escorts the wild , tempting diplomat's daughter, Elowyn Bagshaw, to her father's new post in Vienna.

An Officer but not a Gentleman is available in e-book format. That means you can download it instantly, and have Grahame in your hand within moments.  It's also a short novella, coming in at 20,000 words, perfect for a steamy, but not too short read as you go about your day (car pooling, taking the train, working out on the elliptical at the gym, or waiting for kids after sports practice.)

Let me know what you think about our second sexy escort!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Secrets of a Gentleman Escort is out now! January 2014

Nick and Annorah's story kicks off the first of a four book series about Gentlemen Escorts!
Good Reads and Romantic Times call it a sensual, honest, awesome read.  Nick belongs to the League of Discreet Gentlemen, whose calling is delivering pleasure to those bold enough to seek it.

In February, readers can take in the digital release of Grahame Westmore's story in "An Officer but not a Gentleman."

In March, we are treated to Jocelyn Eisley's story, "A Most Indecent Gentleman," also a digital only release.

In April, Channing Deveril's story caps off the series in "London's Most Wanted Rake." This will be in print and in digital format.
Romantic Times gives Secrets 4 stars. Read the review here:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Lady Risks All cover is here and it's gorgeous, so are the reviews

Get a first glimpse at the awesome cover for A Lady Risks All, the first book in my summer duet. This story is a regency Color of Money tale featuring the strong willed heroine, Mercedes Lockhart and hero, Greer Barrington.  Check out what Good the Bad and the Unread and Romantic Times Book Review have to say about Greer and Mercedes (4.5 stars from RT!!!)
PS: RT gives Greer the monthly K.I.S.S. award for heroes!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swim a thon give away with Merrick St. Magnus

Hi Everyone,
It's swim a thon time again. As you know, my kids are big into USA swimming and each year their team, King Aquatic, does one single fundraiser--the Swim a thon. It's so hard to raise money especially since we have a small family to pester.  So, to help out, I'm doing two things to make the money go farther:
1. I will match any contribution up to 100.00
2. And I will send donors a complimentary signed copy of How to Disgrace a Lady for any donation of $10.00 or more.  How to Disgrace a Lady features the sexy swimmer, Merrick St. Magnus, so it seems fitting.

Swim a thon funds support the team for training, for relay racing fees, and financial support for our Olympic qualifiers among other things that go directly to the swimmers.

The links directly to their pages are posted here so you can donate straight to them and not through me (that way you're sure the money makes it where it needs to go). Leave them a message that includes you're a romance reader so when I look at donors I know who came off this page and can send you your copy. (Rowan)
Thanks in advance,